Graceful and knowledgeable Talents ——Tong Wen Chinese  Culture Academy

Tong Wen Chinese Culture Academy effectively combines humanistic and artistic education, adheres to the principle of combining Chinese and Western styles of education, so as to cultivate innovative talents with good judgments.


Chess and Music Chamber

The Chamber is well equipped with professional musical instruments and chessboards. Professional teachers here can provide classical music and chess education.


Art House

The Art House teaches students traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Students can learn skills through the demonstration and guidance of professional teachers.





The library can not only meet students’ general demands such ass studying, reading, information exchanging, exhibition and lectures, but also provide web-based services that allow students to access online resources. There are self service equipment facilitating efficient and exact library management. There are also other functions such as Reading rooms, Video halls, electronic reading areas, communication and service areas etc.



Electronic Reading Room

There are multi-functional electronic reading rooms that can meet the needs such as documents reading, consulting and training.


 Video Halls

The Video Hall is a combination of audio rooms, recording rooms, and 3D cinemas. They together can provide high quality video services.



Art Education Center

There are a whole set of basic art courses as well as comprehensive art courses of different levels. Students are able to take required art courses and extra ones after school.




Rooftop Garden, A course about Nature

There are rooftop gardens in every teaching building that can enable students to enjoy planting, get close to the Nature, and be inspired by natural beauty.


School Banquet for Students to Learn Etiquette

The School Banquet is developed basing on the traditional School Banquets in Cambridge University and Oxford University, combined by traditional Chinese culture. In the Banquet, both Western and Chinese dishes are provided, and there are also drinks and coffee. There are a varieties during the Banquet. It is more like a formal ceremony, and students are required to wear suits. There will be famous persons giving speeches at the Banquets.





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