January 2015

Guangzhou Linnan Fanya Education Investment Co Ltd. signed a contract with South China Normal University(SCNU) on the morning of January 21st, which marks the official start of the Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU.


February 2015

A series of teaching and research activities were carried out in January.


March 2015

1.     Sponsored by SCNUFL, the International Seminar on Basic Education in three different countries (China, the United States, and Britain) was held in Guangzhou Linnan Education Group. More than 200 representatives from over 100 primary/middle schools and other educational services and news agencies of the above countries participated in the meeting, discussing the advancement of international basic education in the new period and exploring the new teaching models and teaching approaches to school practice.

2.     The school signed contracts with West Hill Park, Mercer school, and Abbe White school, respectively.


April, 2015

On April 30, In the afternoon, Wenxie, the deputy director of Luogang education bureau, Xuxun, the chief of Luogang basic education section and their group visited to inspect the hard and soft constructions preparing for the school Open Day and discussed the plan and schedule on that day, so as to ensure that the parents Open Day activities carried out smoothly.


June, 2015

On June 8, the Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNUs preparatory work summaries and council establishment conference was held in Guangzhou, representatives from FLS investor parties: South China Normal University, Easy Fonda's Fund Management co, LTD. and Lingnan Fun Yard Education Investment co, LTD. attended the meeting.


September, 2015

On September 1, the Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU Opening Ceremony was held.



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