Mission and Philosophy


     Our Philosophy

    The Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU (SCNUFL) adhering to the concept of education “More Chinese, More International”, aims at cultivating students with patriotism and international vision. Meanwhile, it promotes holistic education and strives to make students high-quality talents with both foreign language specialty and comprehensive development.


    Our Mission

   We spare no effort to localize international education in China, taking a lead in the internationalization of the elementary education in China.


 l   SCNUFL will endeavor to cultivate students that are graceful and intelligent. They would be knowledgeable and elegant students with outstanding foreign language ability and innovative mind. Meanwhile, they are also international citizens that are healthy and happy, responsible and caring.


 l   SCNUFL will become an incubator for international education professionals, including teachers, experts and education managers from home and abroad.




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