Teaching staff


   children are likened to crude bores ready to be caved and shall eventually become glistening diamonds if they are intensively polished. Parents act as their conveyors and teachers guide their way. A good teacher can reshape the life of a child, so it’s of paramount importance for parents to make a choice.

 ‘The Affiliation Foreign Language School of SCNU’ handpicks its teachers to make a team of teachers in an attempt to forge a reasonably structured, adequate and energetic teaching body with occupational aspiration, dedication to their posts and high professional standards. The School assigns Chinese and foreign full-time teachers following norms for teachers required in foreign language schools and recruits high-standard teachers with support and training in SCNU.

   1. Main body teachers in The Affiliation Foreign Language School of SCNU are from English-speaking countries who are richly experienced in teaching and form a cluster of high-quality foreign teachers. All foreign language teachers own professional qualification certificate for teachers and fancy their career and students. They excel at directing and encouraging their students and underline cultivation of international vision and ability of creative thinking.

   2. The Affiliation Foreign Language School of SCNU also boasts a bunch of prominent Chinese teachers handpicked from South China Normal University who show outstanding education level, ardently love the course of education and show care to students. They are versed at Chinese language, disciplinary knowledge and Chinese culture and are bound up in delivering Chinese culture to students both home and abroad.

   3. The Affiliation Foreign Language School of SCNU has established a set of completed mechanism on teachers’ training, taken in training and evaluation system of Cambridge International Examination and worked in tandem with other Guangdong-based schools to co-establish a platform for exchange and learning among foreign and Chinese teachers.

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