Scientific and Comprehensive Assessment System

  We emphasize both Chinese and foreign examination systems and evaluate students through behavioral assessments. On the one hand, we give attention to public exam systems such as High School Entrance Exam. On the other hand, we introduce foreign exam systems such as Cambridge YLE and KET tests. We also give importance to behavioral assessments, which are to evaluate students’ abilities in and out classes.  

  Combination of Compulsory Courses Exams and Extra-curriculum Tests

  Except for compulsory courses that require exams, students can also choose extra-curriculum tests according to their own interests. Students are able to choose what they like and they can have comprehensive development while maintaining their own specialties.     

  The Goal of the Multi-dimensional Assessment

  We evaluate students’ not only by their knowledge and abilities, but also their thinking abilities, cultural awareness, learning abilities and behaviors. The assessment is to enable students to have overall development.  

  Diversified Assessment System

  In addition to traditional exams, we also introduce diversified criteria for assessment, which include performing, story telling, book reviewing, poster making.

  Multi-leveled Assessment That Involves Different Participants

  We apply a comprehensive assessment system that consists of self-evaluation, peer review, teacher evaluation and parent evaluation. The system is to objectively evaluate students’ abilities.  

  Making Full Use of the Assessment Results

  We will do detailed analysis on the results, and then apply it to enhance teaching and learning experiences. We strive to make full use of the assessment system to improve learning, teaching and research.

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