Multi-leveled Classes

  We design courses to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign students who would continue their studies in China or abroad.    

  Combination of Chinese and western education

  We provide integrated curriculum that can meet national standards. Our classes are designed in accordance with the Cambridge International Curriculum and IB Curriculum System. Multidimensional English    

  Multidimensional English

  We provide a variety of courses, including English Language and Culture, English Language and Thinking, English Language and Talent, which emphasize the significance of English in the all-around development of a student.  

  Individual optional courses

  We provide optional courses and the Second Classroom Activities to promote students’ individual development.

  EMI Courses

  We provide courses that are taught in English, so as to broaden students’ minds and horizons, helping them when adapting to international courses.  

  Second Foreign Language Courses

  We provide minority language courses including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Korean to enable students to experience different cultures and improve international communication skills.


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